How to build a Static Grass applicator

What you will need

TOOLS Soldering Iron/ Solder Sharp Craft or Stanly knife Scissors Cross Head Screwdriver   PARTS Some Wire (Any colour, I used black) Electric Fly Swatter Wire mesh from metal sieve Correct batteries for Swatter (2 x AA) Some Aerosol can lids  


I first check that the swatter is working. This proves to be a vital step. The swatter was missing the plate to connect the batteries together. I remedied this with replacing the plate with one from another battery pack but could have been replaced using tinfoil and a screw.   I then deconstructed the swatter to give me a handle and supply voltage wire from the capacitor.  I removed the yellow wire as this is too short to use.   I cut the lids of the aerosol cans so I have a hole in each about the same size but also have the ability to place one on the other and glue the edges. I have tried glueing the mesh to the plastic in a previous attempt but this didn't work out well. Thi...
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