IEP hitachi project

When he HST was being built in the 70s as a interim stopgap that has since lasted over 40 years makes me wonder what type of life that its eventual replacement will have. The factory has a 25 year contract to build thes magic dual fule trains. What we have become accustomed to as hybrid cars we will now see on our rails. We as enthusiasts look back at steam with aww and wonder while we look at diesels with the almost marmite love them or hate them. Clearly I’m a fan of the intercity diesels not just the speed the look but there enduring presence though my life they are in my eyes something special. Although there retirement is still a while off yet. Luckily in Scotland we will see the hst takeover the longer routes that scotrail service for a few years while newer trains are built to fulfill these daily commuter services. Although not many details have been released as to which services these will take bit I’m sure that my services to Edinburgh Glasgow and Aberdeen from Dundee will see them run…

as of now I time my routes where possible to travel on the older and more comfortable hst I wonder come 2018 will I do the same for the IEP?

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