How to build a Static Grass applicator

What you will need

Soldering Iron/ Solder
Sharp Craft or Stanly knife
Cross Head Screwdriver


Some Wire (Any colour, I used black)
Electric Fly Swatter
Wire mesh from metal sieve
Correct batteries for Swatter (2 x AA)
Some Aerosol can lids



I first check that the swatter is working. This proves to be a vital step. The swatter was missing the plate to connect the batteries together. I remedied this with replacing the plate with one from another battery pack but could have been replaced using tinfoil and a screw.


I then deconstructed the swatter to give me a handle and supply voltage wire from the capacitor.  I removed the yellow wire as this is too short to use.


I cut the lids of the aerosol cans so I have a hole in each about the same size but also have the ability to place one on the other and glue the edges. I have tried glueing the mesh to the plastic in a previous attempt but this didn’t work out well. This way I’m glueing plastic to plastic.


I cut a disk of mesh just bigger than the hole but smaller than the area of the cap top. Sandwiching this between the caps and glueing round the edge. I used a screw to fix the red wire to the mesh. It is almost impossible to solder to the mesh so this is the easiest way of connecting the supply voltage.


I then attached the handle using the scrap plastic from the other cap to act as spacers I forced the screw through.


I then attached a screw to the end of the black wire for the ground to be used when applying grass.


Please be aware when the led is on if you touch the mesh and the ground screw you will get a SHOCK.

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